Creative Director, Lead Planner

Creative Director, Lead Planner

Jamison evans

From the small, intimate gathering to the epic celebrity wedding, I have a passion for parties. Each event our firm oversees always shines in its own unique way, now and for years to come. 

With years of experience as a Catering Director & Venue Hospitality Manager, I know the intricacies of working with venues and vendors to maximize your budget and event potential. I love the art of event design, strategizing the elements, and bringing magic to the big day.

Kathy Crestwest

With 16 years of corporate fundraising experience, Kathy has impeccable attention to detail and calm under pressure. We love having her as a part of our team! Not only is she reliable and diligent, but she somehow manages to oversee all the elements of event planning with grace and ease.

Nicole Jones

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