With HoneyBook we found Success!

Jamison Evans

Why HoneyBook has made us successful

Working in Venue Management I’ve seen several “types” of event management software. Each location I stepped into, meant a new program I needed to learn. From layouts to calendars, everything was brand new. It always kept us organized, but there were for sure some that were so much more difficult to learn than others. With so many departments and products involved in venue management, a business management program kept us in communication, but was our one tool to truly ensure nothing would be missed. So, when I started my event planning business I understood the importance and relative need for some type of platform, but I wasn't sure which one. I spent extensive time researching the available programs and talked to many of my fellow vendors to find out which program they loved. And crazy enough, they almost always said the same one: HoneyBook.com.

Lisa Lorene Photography

As a Wedding Planner being organized is pretty much our main job. ONE JOB people! So, I needed a program that was almost more organized than me and that still meshed well with my brand. I realized in the first few months of running my business that having a professional, cohesive brand is key. So when I sent out brochures and information to potential clients, I needed that to be universal to my style. In researching HoneyBook, I learned they had custom brochure templates that helped you look consistent, professional and organized. From there, it wasn't a difficult decision to jump on the HoneyBook train.

As I started my business, I didn't have an extensive amount of time to dedicate to learning a new program but I realized quick that HoneyBook was easy peasy to learn. No matter the type of “learner” you are, HoneyBook offers several ways to attain all of the information and utilize your new program to its best potential. I was thrilled to learn about their app, so I could easily access my clients contacts and information via my phone, and the backend of financials was extremely important. Being able to invoice, take payments and set payment reminders was super helpful.

HoneyBook also does something unique! When I am sending my custom vendor recommendation list to my clients, it sends a quick notification to those vendors that they have been referred. Why is this important to me? In the aspect of community within the wedding industry, knowing how often I am recommending and promoting my fellow friendors is amazing. I love it when a fellow vendor knows they are being supported; HoneyBook unifies our hard-working industry so we can each find success.

As I introduced my Bridal Business Bootcamp Podcast to the world, HoneyBook was one of the first to jump up and say they would support our dream by offering our listeners. 50% off of their first year with HoneyBook! If you’ve been thinking about taking your business to the next level, bringing your brand, presentation and overall business management into the new era of easy program management, then HoneyBook is your jam!

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